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Phoenix (she/her) is a neurodivergent firebird with a PhD in Physics, a background in science communication, and a love of adventure. She was born and grew up in the south-east of England but has lived across the UK and beyond, and travels whenever and wherever she can.

Inspired by space, science and science fiction, Phoenix has twice applied, unsuccessfully, for the position of Astronaut with the European Space Agency, once reaching the final 400 candidates. She loves animals, especially dogs, and has provided a forever home to several rescue dogs.

Phoenix has recently begun to explore data visualisation art and her first project about the Soviet Space Dogs combined these two loves, and is being sold to raise money for dogs abandoned during the conflict in Ukraine.  All her data art projects support a worthy cause - details of the charities supported can be found on the page for each project, and prints and products can be purchased via Redbubble.  

Phoenix is learning Russian, with limited success, and still hopes to leave the planet eventually.

About: Phoenix

Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is the art of taking data which might normally be displayed in a list, table or spreadsheet, and making it visual. This could mean presenting numerical data as a line, bar or pie chart, or conveying information via infographics.

Visualisation allows the viewer to make use of pre-attentive processing, a swift, sub-conscious process that allows the brain to rapidly distinguish differences in attributes such as size, shape, orientation and colour. Thus the data can be more easily compared, trends understood, and conclusions drawn.

Data visualisations can be works of art as well as a method for conveying information, using a visual alphabet to tell the story behind the data in a visually pleasing way, often presenting multiple layers of information within a single artwork. They are effective tools for highlighting issues and prompting action, as well as being beautiful to look at.

If you have idea for future visualisations, please get in touch.

Data Visualisation Example
About: Data Vis

& Ethics

Online Sales (Redbubble):

Phoenix prints and products bought online are produced by Redbubble.  Every item is printed on demand, meaning zero wastage.  95% of packages originate within the same region from which they are ordered, reducing shipping-related energy use, and Redbubble are partnered 3Degrees to further offset carbon emissions.

Redbubble requires that all third party printers and manufacturers adhere to the FLA Code of Conduct to ensure safe working conditions, minimize environmental impact, and treat their employees with respect and dignity, ensuring that Redbubble marketplace are produced ethically by their printing partners.

The Redbubble mission statement includes a commitment to empower artists and foster self-expression in ethical, socially responsible ways.

About: Sustainability & Ethics

In Person Sales (Prodigi / Tiger):

Phoenix prints which are sold in-person at art shows are produced by Prodigi.  Prodigi use eco inks, sustainably sourced paper, and fulfil orders locally wherever possible to reduce carbon emissions from shipping.  They also choose recycled or plastic-free products and packaging materials where possible.  

Prodigi screen their suppliers for compliance with both fair labour and sustainability standards, and actively seek to work with labs who use renewable energy over standard grid electricity.  As a minimum, all their partners must adhere to anti child labour and anti forced labour regulations, as well as providing traceability for all core raw materials.

The Prodigi sustainability action plan includes commitments to reduce water consumption, increase energy efficiency, and minimise waste, amongst other things.  

Where plastic sleeves are provided for prints, these are sourced separately from Tiger Stationary, and are made from 100% recycled plastic.

About: Sustainability & Ethics
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